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News Release

For Immediate Release
APRIL 20, 1998

VSE Symbol FMR
U.S. 12g 3-2(b)#82-1286

Trading Under a New Name "FM Resources Corp"

FM Resources Corp. is pleased to announce that, effective as of the opening of trading the morning, of April 16, 1998, trading under its' old name of Redell Mining Corp. ceased and trading under the new name of FM Resources Corp. commenced.

The previously issued and outstanding 30,727,103 shares have been consolidated into approximately 1,536,355, shares and now trade under the symbol "FMR"

FM Resources Corp. further announces that its' agreement to option the Whalesback/Shoal Arm property from British Canadian Mines Ltd. has received VSE approval. As per the option agreement, the Company will issue 100,000 shares to British Canadian subject to a 1 year hold period which expires 14 April, 1999.

Additional agreements for joint ventures and financings will be announced as they are consummated.


Mike Bourdeau,

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